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Showing posts from November, 2005

Empty Pool

Light shapes everything. This empty pool composition yelled itself to me. I ran across this after having a little too many at "Mikes on the Venetian" The alcohol made me go deeper into my self and this is what I was staring at. Isn't life great- It presents itself when your inner self is swimming in Guiness?


I have on occasion attempted to practice meditation. I must admit that I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing and I am not convinced on what I am supposed to feel. That is until I did this painting. I remember how the radio in the background disturbed me and I had to shut it off because all I was tuned to for the duration of this work was the sound of the brush with the creamy oily mixture of paynes grey,yellow ochre and violet. There was no thought only sound and movement the building dictated my stoping and starting-my rythm really.


Northern New Jersey is in my blood the so called stink is my perfume. I rejoice in the smell of dirty oil and old steel comingled with brown grass of the fall. The cold bight I felt as I walked on the cracked sidewalks of North Bergen in late winter continues to form who I am. When I see anything that reminds me of my heart's home I smile because to me Northern New Jersey is everywhere in this country, even here in sunny Miami.

I Repeat alligators

On a road trip back home. I stopped in at a Northern Florida Orange stand/convenience store. Walking around this store where I could have bought a gator back scratcher or a huge pecan log (yummy) tasting wonderful grapefruit meandering through the aisles. I was stopped by this crazy display; hundred of alligator heads!! My first thought was of the slaughter house for this. The image continues to be visceral in my mind and yet there they were with beautiful sunlight coming through this window. They seemed ha ha almost happy to be there!!! I tried to convey that with my choice of colors.


Alone Again-a title that kind of conjures up some lonely feel and in a way that's what this painting is at least in context; I was driving around on a miserable night in my pretty miserable neighborhood alone again because I'd hate to be distracted by company as I look at the wonderful effect rain has on this lonely building lights. The reflection of light bouncing off the streets makes me think that the stars are here on the ground walking about just for me.


I was standing outside of a gallery that was exhibiting some of my work. The atmosphere inside felt awkward. This was a different crowd that seemed to not click with who I was for some reason- a sentiment that would prove wrong later as I learned that one of my paintings sold. Which lately says more about my regular crowd. This huge billboard in its parking lot pulled my attention. I was intrigued by the large factory light glaring almost loudly toward me and how it affected this billboard and its sharp angles looming over us. I laughed a little telling my self that I was missing what the billboard was advertising but I was listening to its very structure that made it so.