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A Day at the Beach

Summer is coming to an end soon. I wanted to go out to where the summer seems endless. A quick trip to Fort Lauderdale beach was just the ticket! Blustery ocean breeze in a quiet spot and oh the smell of summer, what can be better? I guess I gravitate to red pick up trucks lately! I swear I did not notice that I was painting yet another red vehicle until it was time to stop painting! Speaking of red, my neck is almost the same color as that truck! And I had an umbrella! I hope I can squeeze in a few more of these beach scenes before most vacations are over. Own it. Click below. 

Red Barn Red Truck Plein Aire Carthage North Carolina 2016

Biltmore Hotel Miami Florida Plein Aire 2016

Living Room Sketch

Self Portrait of Summer 2016

Wow what a year it has been so far! Every brushstroke hopefully was imbued with the spirit of every moment lived.