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I am thinking of a general sense on how I perceive the subjects in my paintings. I can only put a stream of experiences to describe the image: the song by Frank Sinatra, a barely remembered poem about Chicago..something about big shoulders, pop culture thoughts like prohibition and gansters, great pizza, baseball, lots of guys that look like me (baseball cap, bearded, slight beer belly) Guinness, el trains, bridges, biting cold etc.. Does this make sense?

Turnpike Rest Stop

Little bursts of inspiration come in so many different ways. It always seems like they come exactly when you need them. We sometimes make goals and just when you are struggling with reaching it, something acts as that impetus to go on. Going on a road trip can act as a metaphor for attaining a goal; you have a goal/destination, a beginning(usually accompanied with excitement), a middle that can be monotonous and where we might have doubt of the endeavor. The way this light careened in this rest stop and blurred the quotidian at the exact moment I needed it, made me think of creating this piece.


I was a jock in high school. I played football, threw the shot-put, wrestled, and competed in olympic style weightlifting through the Police Athletic League (even came in 2nd place in the 1992 Garden State Games) I loved it. As one who is familiar with competing you become aware of the nervousness and excitement before going into a game. Before this show started I believe the crowd around me was experiencing similar feelings. We all have a lot more in common than we think, despite some of the cultural angst between different groups.


A dear friend had ties to the band NonPoint and planned a night for all of us to hang out and see them. I think the place was called Revolution in Fort Lauderdale. As we waited after the show to meet them I got to see the crew take down the equipment. Pretty cool