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Davie Afternoon

This image makes me think of Dave Hickey's Air Guitar for some reason.

Sunset Drive Home

I don't see a split in nature and humanity. I don't think we are at "war" with nature. Nature is the all encompassing. We are in it and of it. Sometimes stopped at a red light, you can notice one of its effects. Cheers


In Victor Hugo's Les Miserables there is a chapter where he paints a picture of friends in the throws of joyous doings. Much laughter, drinking, and enjoyment of each other's company makes one's spirit giddy. I thought of that chapter while on a winter trip to South Carolina's Kiawah Island. In this painting I depict my friends Harumi and Christian spontaneously riding found kids bikes. Christian is obviously too big for this ride, while Harumi seemed quite comfortable and serene. I hope this painting is seen in person as there is much to the texture that my poor photo taking does not capture.

There is always a destination

There has to be a reason we respond to shiny things. I don't know what it is, but they seem to become a value we want to attain. A destination we want shines and calls us, we just have to take the road to it. Are you on that road?