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Hey folks I am getting ready for my solo show on March 11th @ the Dorsch Gallery in Miami so post will be seldom-maybe..well...we'll see...o.k. oh and come to the show please

Side Street

I remember how awe-some New York City felt to me when we would cross the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan as a teen. I remember feeling as if I stepped into some kind of current that would pull you to some kind of great entity. Not a God entity but a high and mighty force that would just smile at you and tap you with a fairy wand and send you on your merry way with a business as usual attitude. I can be anything I want and all I have to do is float on this current, I remember feeling. It's when you move far from this river that you realize that it is just an illusion and its you that provides this force. Yet, at times I like to float there.
private collection Newark, NJ