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Manhattan the Movie


Unknown said…
Eddie Alvarez here, how long have you been making these? I've been making night paintings (among other stuff) myself since about 2003 when I was at UM. Apparently we have alot in common, as I am also from Jersey, born in Newark. And I even also use Blogger ( Anyhow, these look good. I'll be showing some night paintings at the World Arts Building on 2214 N. Miami Ave on Sept.9 if you wanna check it out. I think we should meet, maybe we can put a show or something together.
take it easy, hope to hear from you, eddie
John Sanchez said…
Hey Eddie, thanks, I believe we did meet a while back. I was an intern for Brook Dorsch, I think you passed by before you moved back to Jersey(?). I'll definetly check out your show on Sept.9. I have a brother that lives in Newark. Jersey will always be home. How did you find my blog?
Unknown said…
Oh, I think I remember that. Thats crazy, well I meant it, these look good. I never followed up with Brook and now wish I had. I'm serious about doing something together I think it'd be a hell of a show. The night painters of Miami or something crazy like that. Anyhow I found your blog through a while back and been meaning to post something. I'm kind of living in both Jersey and Miami now. but I'll be down for that show in sept. and then again in Oct. for another show. Hope to see you then. I'll send you an email flyer for the show. when I get it.
tonypetersart said…
Hey John, glad to see you update with some new stuff. Looks good! There are few artists that can pull off a nocturne.
John Sanchez said…
Thanks guys

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