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Peter Built a Truck for Him to Drive

yes finally I am posting new work. I've been in the studio improving my craft(something I expect to always do). I have my new mentor to thank on this front. Dr. David Chang has been a wealth of knowledge, from paint handling to supposedly simple things like cleaning my palette. I am very grateful. I have been working with a renewed sense of excitement that I will be sharing very soon. This painting that I have not titled yet (Trucks in the Jungle, maybe?) will be showcased at my alumni show at The Art Institute of Miami in April. More to come soon. Thanks


Meesimo said…
Dude. Didn't know a painting of trucks in the jungle could look so fresh. Nice.
Unknown said…
Your work never ceases to amaze me. I wish I could come and see it in person, but perhaps soon.
John Sanchez said…
Portland!!! Oh Portland, how I long to ride my bike through your streets! Jeremy how goes things?
Darren said…
I beet you to it. I'm going to Portland at the end of this month!
John Sanchez said…
Awesome Darren I was just thinking about asking you if you are going any time soon. Tell me all about it when you get back. Meesimo you rock man!
swampthing said…
very nice

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