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Show at the Frost Museum March 4

The journey has been arduous. Many times I thought I had quit this path, only I kept showing up in the studio despite these thoughts (questioning- do we judge actions or thoughts or both?) Some one street light in the rain, a heavy truck sitting quietly behind a warehouse, a piercing sunrise on an airplane all subconsciously stringing together my life and urging me to pick up the brush again and again. I have to see these images realized. They stare back at me and tell me a little bit more about where I come from. My kind of people, my kind of world, these images are like mirrors and I think we can recognize some aspects of ourselves in them. Come and see.

Opening reception 6pm to 9pm Wednesday March 4th Frost Museum, Miami through April 5th .


romy zipken said…
my name is Romy Zipken. I am a student at Florida International University right now, and I had an assignment in my art history class to pick a picture at the Frost Museum at the University and write a creative paper about it. Your painting, "Peter built a truck for him to drive" inspired me. It is beautiful and the title is so clever. just want to let you know I think your work is incredible.
John Sanchez said…
thank you very much

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