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Painting of studio parking lot after the rain

One of the aspects I am aware of is the difference in the quality of light that falls over south Florida as compared to where I am from in northern New Jersey. One of my favorite paintings by George Bellows captures that northern light most strikingly. His "Winter Afternoon" painting gives me comfort. In that painting he captures the view of the Palisades where I grew up. I knew well the little jagged orange that represent the morning sun on those cliffs. I can go on and on, my point is that the representation of light is a catalyst to certain moods for me. In this painting a torrential rain had fallen over my studio in the early evening. As it often rains here the clouds moved fast and it was clear again leaving the parking lot wet. Little puddles acted like a mirror to the sky above. The light danced and jumped all over my vision bringing me a sense of excitement that I had to try and capture.


harumi said…
I love these new ones! nice an fresh!!!
sandra said…
Your paintings are amazing! I love your use of chioroscuro. Just breath taking. How large are the canvases? Are any of these for sale? I would like to talk to you in a year to make a purchase... when I have the money. Congratulations!
Christiaan said…
Good stuff John!! Like the diversity. It's the other side of the coin.
Christiaan said…
Good stuff John! Like the diversity.

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