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South Florida Cultural Consortium and other updates

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything that was not a painting. Part of the feeling of trepidation was that I ,simply, am not a writer, the other part is that I consider myself to be a consumer of other people's thoughts and ideas (I thought of putting a link to some of the words I tend to consume here, but found that A. I don't really know how to do that and B. there may be too many and way too many political one at that) I am compelled tonight ,however, to finally put up a few thoughts on my current state of affairs. We live in a culture that is quite content on airing personal to-doings and what-nots. Some become consumed by a great many and others are rarely, if at all, seen. Who knows, but here is my little contribution: It has been a very nice week for me. I won the South Florida Cultural Consortium . This is a prize given every year to artist that are favored by that year's jury. I was, quite frankly, shocked that I was the winner. Do not get me wrong, it is not that I lack confidence in my ability to make art. It is something else. A damnable idea about what I find to be the state of art around me. A state in which I have for a long time felt both somewhat familiar and alien to. The feeling I have is like returning to the place you grew up in and finding it completely different, and yet it looks the same. Do you get what I mean? This year there must have been enough people on that jury that had some kind of affinity to my feeling that they chose me as this year's recipient of the prize. My family and I have nothing but the utmost sense of gratitude to this group of jurors. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Updates on other areas of my life: I am experimenting with creating prints of my work for my fans that have shown interest in owning a few paintings but ,understandably, felt that they could not part with their hard-earned money in this economic climate (When oh when will this recession end?!) I should have some available very soon. I will make the announcement on Facebook when they are ready. I assure you they will be affordable. Also, I have been wondering if you, kind reader, (yes you) would suggest which painting you would like to have a print of. Write me your choice and I will compile a consensus as to which one was the most requested. Who knows maybe there will be a prize print given away. Details to the prize print will also be announced on Facebook as well, so make sure to friend me or ask me.

Other news: good thing it has been a pretty good year with these prizes-Paint Me Miami and now the South Florida Cultural Consortium and as always I am grateful to the students that are still signing up for my classes although some think I am "mean and strict" and other things (that's for another post, I am sure) because we will have another mouth to feed in some months! My wife has been pretty low-key about it and I have been quite the opposite, but we are both finally comfortable to share the news. Our son Miles is going to be a big brother!


Natasha said…
Congrats and congrats! Loooong overdue, on the one hand, and such a gift for the three of you on the other - you'll see what I mean in a lil'while.
Andy said…
Congratulations John! On all fronts... Family, Life and Career. You are an incredibly talented artist. I feel privileged to have witnessed the early stages of your talent way back when. I do hope to some day own one of your originals :) I am very happy for you!
Alfredo said…
Congratulations John, family and career gettin' bigger. Couldn't have happened to a better man ! Deservedly grand wishes for your Cadillac moment brother !

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